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We create the working prototype of application (MVP — frontend+backend)


We write the code of your application on basis of MVC


We provide the scalable infrastructure of your application.

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Why people settle on our company?

You don`t take risk with us


The creation of general idea and logo, development of site design. We create several versions of logo and you choose the best one of them. Then we create 2 versions of project main page and you choose the best one. Then we create design of the rest of application pages.


The development of project strictly regulated – you can see what we do at the moment and can proof all the stuff we done. Via GIT you have access to source code, to testing server and to all project documentation.


Preparation of the project environment at production server, testing and transfer to the main server.


Use of GIT version control system;

Use of object-oriented programming (OOP);

Writing of Unit and functional tests;

Adherence to the code stylistics by common standards;


Use of CDN. Co-working with the large-scaled networks, exception of failures and downtime.

Setup of server for the optimal efficiency (nginx+passenger);

Building of geo-allocated applications

Compression and caching of dynamic and static content.


Manual/automatic configuration of environment;

Cross-Site Scripting protection;

Cross-Site Request Forgery protection;

Adhearance to the rule – what is obviously not permitted is prohibited;


Setup of database «master/slave» instances;

Use and setup of load balancer;

Simple upright and fast horizontal scaling;

Description of project architecture for further support;

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